About Us

GFI Apparel was originally founded by Leah Bauer a professional Snowmobile Racer and Race Car Driver and Melinda Nyseth, a Entrepreneur and Military Spouse. In March of 2020, after carefully deliberating their decision, they turned the company over to Stephanie Narita. Stephanie Narita currently resides in San Diego and is the Program Manager for Virtforce. 


The Apparel brand represents those who push the limits of mediocrity to pursue their dreams and decide that they want to Go For It! GFI represents: Entrepreneurs, Adventurers, Dreamers and Builders. GFI currently has a pop up group that everyone is welcome to join. 


This pop up group represents individuals looking to hit their goals and looking for others to motivate and pump them up! 




We have weekly contests and giveaways for those who hit their goals for the week. Please join us and GO FOR IT!